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Bad Breath or Halitosis

What is halitosis, and how can one wisely address this issue? 

Halitosis is another term for bad breath. In halitosis, someone perceives the smell of their breath as unpleasant or even repulsive. Sometimes, an individual may think they have halitosis when it is not the case at all. Interestingly, persons with bad breath may not even be aware of it themselves. Those in their surroundings are often the ones to notice halitosis. 

When people are asked about the cause of halitosis, most will respond that a stomach issue is the root cause. For this reason, many doctors often conduct unnecessary examinations and prescribe various medications, such as antibiotics, which generally do not yield the desired results. Therefore, it is wise to first seek advice on the best course of action.

People close to an individual with halitosis often struggle with that person’s unpleasant breath odor, leading to avoidance behavior. Patients with halitosis often suffer from a significant level of insecurity. What starts with consuming candies throughout the day to mask the odor, which proves ineffective, often culminates in social isolation. 

Halitosis is a serious condition for the patient, negatively impacting the quality of life in more than one aspect. All in all, halitosis is a compelling reason to seek professional advice.