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Breathe Freely Again

We comprehend the negative impacts halitosis have on your life. Dare to breathe freely once more and regain personal confidence with your fresh, oral health. 

Schedule an on-line appointment today and explore the path to a lasting, fresh breath.

Dr Winkel

Dr. Edwin Winkel Consultancy

Legacy of Expertise

Dr. Edwin Winkel, a prominent figure in oral health, conducted a ground-breaking clinic, specializing in halitosis, from 1998 to 2023. His practice boasted a remarkable success rate. More than 90% of his patients were triumphantly treated, regaining fresh breath.

A New Chapter

After years of dedicated service, Dr. Winkel decided to embark on retirement. However, his passion for assisting those battling halitosis remained unwavering. Thus, he decided to continue his mission by sharing his invaluable knowledge and skills with those still grappling with this troublesome condition.


Understanding that finding the right treatment is a crucial step toward a fresh, healthy breath and carefree life, we offer 30-minute on-line consultations led by Dr. Winkel himself. During these sessions, he imparts his years of expertise, personally guiding you to choose the best remedy.

Avoid Burdensome Tests

Making an on-line appointment not only speeds up the start of right therapy, it also prevents unnecessary and burdensome tests. Dr. Winkel’s targeted guidance ensures you are taking the most effective path toward long-term relief from halitosis. This saves you both time and energy.

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